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We don't make sites, we craft themes with love & passion. That is our most valued secret. We only do thing that we love.

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I am a senior at Metro State Denver, where I am studting Interactive Media. I love coding, as well as designing websites in Photoshop. Courses I am taking this semester are Advanced Interactive Media,Intermediate Video Editing, Making media social, and Writing for Interactive Media. This site is tied to my Interactive Media class with Professor Lisa Ortiz , who has had vast experience in the music industry, and has a wealth of knowledge working in the media industry.

In this class I am looking to expand my skill set and put it to use in the real world and at the same time help a worthy cause, namely, Cancer Fit. Cancer fit is an organization that provided exercise programs directly to cancer survivors and has helped over 1,400 cancer survivors. Members of our class will revamp the design of the website, and recode the site as neccessary. I am interested in writing for interactive media, social media, coding, and mockups. I am also interested in video editing, and creatingmodern designs with ethics in mind.


Design is not for philosophy it's for life. - Issey Miyake


Need a new website? Check. A redesigned blog? You got it. Still trying to figure out what SEO stands for? Read on. We offer many different services to help you get set up for success. Don’t want to bother figuring out web hosting? We can do it for you! Don’t want to get your logo from one place and your website from another? We can do it! From start to finish, we’ll assist you with all your needs.

Click on any of our services below to find out more about how we can help you.

  • Web Design & Development
    • Whether you’re promoting services, a new book, or need an informational site for your organization, your website will be your most public face.
  • Logo Design
    • Let us design a logo you love. We’ll provide you with a finished product in a variety of formats so you can use it for any web or print projects you dream up.
  • Print Design
    • MMG Designs can artfully extend your brand to just about any print product you need, like letterhead, business cards, calendars, or signs.
  • Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing
    • MMG Designs can work a little magic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive traffic your way. We’ve got a full bag of tricks to market your site and drum up your business.
  • Acessibility
    • MMG converts documents to accessible format to be able to be read by screen readers.


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Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. - Charles Eames


INterafce of a website design intended for bartending.
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Mockup of a website on a mac book
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Mock up of a logo on a whiskey bottle
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McAllister Media Group branded hat, shoes, glasses, passport and t-shirt
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family reunion logo
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Photo of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado
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Good design is obvious; great design is transparent


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Darragh McAllister

Published Dec 10.

Reflective E-Journal 1

Chapters 1 and 2 detail the types of convergence taking place in our world today; from technological, economic, and cultural convergence.

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Image of Author

Darragh McAllister

Published Dec 10.

Reflective E-Journal 2

Pavlik and McIntosh discuss the origins of print media and how it affected out symbolic environment, increased literacy, as well as the primary functions of print media.

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Image of Author

Darragh McAllister

Published Dec 10.

Reflective E-Journal 3

A few simple steps can make all the difference in making Word Documents usable for all students. Two of the most important things you can do are to use styles and headings to show important sections, and to add alternate text to images.

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Image of Author

Darragh McAllister

Published Dec 10.

Reflective E-Journal 4

Are you looking for ways to improve your local SEO? Do you want to know what Google looks at when deciding where you should be? With Google’s new Pigeon update it’s clear they want to serve local results to web searchers wherever possible so ...

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